Our various programs promote a healthy culture.

A healthy culture helps your company

  • improve employee morale

  • increase productivity

  • decrease healthcare spending

 Yoga and Meditation

Weekly classes - Hatha, Alignment & Flow, and Power Vinyasa. 

All classes begin with centering by building awareness on the breath. 

Special attention is given to addressing common areas of discomfort

in the body such as the neck, shoulders, and low back.

Blocks and straps are provided.

While space is allotted for meditation in each class,

we also offer a guided meditation  series.








Team Building Partner Yoga


A 2 hour shared experience designed to develop trust, support,

collaboration, and interpersonal skills. Relationships are enhanced

and cultivated by building stronger communication and teamwork

while partners have fun working together to accomplish a common goal.




 Managing Stress

 In this workshop we build self-awareness and learn about the patterns

 and habits we have developed in response to stress. ​

 We explore principles and strategies for handling stress more effectively

 such as relaxation breathing and visualization techniques,  meditation, and yoga. 











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