Present and Productive

A Harvard School of Business study, conducted over a course of 11 years, demonstrated that an organization's productivity and profitability is related to the corporate culture it creates (Zamor, 2003). Corporations that foster a health-centric environment by providing yoga and meditation programs have an edge when it comes to attracting and maintaining employees that are focused and fulfilled and in turn more productive. Health practices that are holistic and promote mindfulness, such as yoga and meditation, develop a deep rooted sense of happiness, fulfillment, focus, and purpose. Employees who are content and focused are more creative and intentional resulting in greater financial success for the corporation. A weekly one hour yoga class promotes presence, high morale, and job satisfaction, which translates into greater performance and an improved bottom line. So what is it about yoga and meditation that results in greater presence, purpose, and productivity? Both of these practices build awareness and connection to the breath. The breath carries awareness, which builds the more one connects to the rhythm of the breath. The closer one stays connected to the breath the easier it becomes to maintain moment to moment awareness so that in any given situation one can respond and act intelligently and skillfully. According to one ancient yogic text this is the epitome of Yoga - skill in action. Zamor G, Claude J. Workplace spirituality and organisational performance. Public Adm Rev. 2003;63:355–63.

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