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Yoga and Wellness programs for your company

Who we are

Austin's Mobile Yoga Studio!

Kestrel Fitness is Austin's team of encouraging, enthusiastic, and compassionate corporate wellness specialists.


Our mission is to bring health, wellness, and balance into the corporate environment.


How we serve you

Our qualified and experienced teachers work with your organization to develop a wellness program that best meets the needs of your employees. Committed to their well being, we help your employees manage and reduce stress, get fit, and have fun, while increasing productivity, improving your company's culture, reducing its healthcare spending, and getting the highest ROI.

We are passionate about supporting our clients and helping them feel renewed and inspired for the rest of their work week. 



   Let's talk about building a vibrant health culture for your business.


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Our various programs promote a healthy culture.

A healthy culture helps your company

  • improve employee morale

  • increase productivity

  • decrease healthcare spending

Clients often relate that the best part of their work week is their wellness class.


They often show up to practice even on their days off from work!


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Contact us today!

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